bochorno (Spanish)

(n) sultry weather, sultriness, embarrassment

Woke up lazily to an overcast sky. Summers in the south of Spain are usually unforgiving, with clear, blue skies adorned with the blazingly hot sun that only could’ve been sent by Apollo in rage.

But after weeks of 45 °C + weather, we were granted with a weekend of relatively tolerable weather. Breezy, with just a touch of a gathering storm. Days like these, one is thankful for the cloud cover, shielding us from the harsh sun. Yet one cannot escape the heat rising from the earth itself.

Such moments reminds of the long, lazy days of summer in the Amazon. The wet heat permeating through your clothes, mixing with the salty sweat. I spent my days then, rowing lazily through endless winding trails through the mangroves. Listening to the calls of hundreds of different species, that would suddenly fall silent at the appearance of a threat.

Amazon Fishing VillageSmall fishing cove somewhere in the source of the Amazon, roughly an hour from Iquitos.


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